This page hosts video clips featuring Warren and some of his students.

Video clip 1: Warren Sings Gilbert and Sullivan. 

Warren was famous in Bloomington for his professional performances of Gilbert and Sullivan operettas. In this clip he sings "My Object All Sublime" from The Mikado, accompanied by his wife Barbara at the piano, at the occasion of his retirement party in 1994.

Video clip 2: Warren in the Field.

We have here a glimpse of Warren the inspiring teacher, explaining details of settlement patterns in the Midwest to a group gathered at a local cemetery.

Video clip 3: Planes and Plane-making.

Then graduate student Sabina Magliocco, who studied with Warren, displays planes and describes how they were used, in conjunction with a display at the Monroe County Historical Museum, 1984.

Video clip 4: Marking.

Sabina Magliocco displays marking tools and talks about how they were used in constructing buildings in the early days in Indiana.

Video clip 5: The Waggoner House.

Then graduate student Tom Walker walks us through a display photos and sketches of the Waggoner house at an exhibition at the Monroe Country Historical Museum in 1984.

Video clip 6: Logs for the Outdoor Museum.

Then graduate student Jens Lund takes us to the site where logs are being stored for eventual reconstruction as part of the intended outdoor museum.

Video clip 7: Problems with the logs.

Here Jens Lund indicates problems arising due to the long-term storage of logs intended for the outdoor museum.



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