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Teacher, Mentor, and Colleague:
Dissertation Children

Elizabeth Adler
Folk antiques and modern American culture: the Indiana pie safe

Simon J. Bronner
Chain carvers in Southern Indiana: a behavioristic study in material culture

Tom Carter
Building Zion: folk architecture in the Mormon settlements of Utah's Sanpete Valley, 1849-1890

Janet Crofton Gilmore
Traditions in the maintenance and repair of the commercial fishing vessels of Charleston, Oregon

Michael Owen Jones
Chairmaking in Appalachia: a study in style and creative imagination in American folk art

Ormond Loomis
Tradition and the individual farmer: a study of folk agricultural practices in Southern Central Indiana

Alice Reed Morrison [Alice Morrison Mordoh]
Portrait of a lost community : A folklife study of the Salt Creek Valley of south central Indiana and the effects of community displacement following formation of the Monroe Reservoir

Gary Stanton
Brought, borrowed, or bought: sources and utilization patterns of the material culture of German immigrants in Southeastern Indiana, 1833-1860

Joanne Raetz Stuttgen
(Re)Constructing the Little Red Schoolhouse: History, Landscape, Memory

John Michael Vlach
Sources of the shotgun house: African and Caribbean antecedents for Afro-American architecture

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