Houses: Ketchum House

The original owner-occupant of this two-story, hewn-log house was Colonel John Ketcham, who settled in the northwest corner of Clear Creek Township in 1818. Ketcham was an Indian fighter who achieved local fame as state legislator, associate judge and builder of the first Monroe County Courthouse. His gristmill on Clear Creek served the needs of many nearby settlers. Ketchum was also known for his business acumen, lively conversation, and his hospitality to travelers. His house stood near Clear Creek.

"In the Ketcham log house south of Bloomington, the builders put a full foundation wall of dressed stone under the front wall of the house facing the road but used only a corner foundation for the other three walls, perhaps feeling that the façade that faced the road should present a more finished appearance. After roughly one hundred and fifty years, the bottom log at the front of the house was badly rotted and thoroughly termite ridden, while the bottom logs on the other three walls were in remarkably good condition."

Warren Roberts, Log Buildings of Southern Indiana, 1996, 46.